Forum .LRN Q&A: Online Educa Berlin 2003

Posted by Peter Marklund on

Online Educa Berlin is allegedly the world's largest international e-learning conference (1127 participants from 64 countries in 2002) and is taking place December 3-5 2003.

I don't think registration is open yet, but there is a call for papers. It is also possible to host workshops. Looking at the themes of the conference I'm not sure yet how .LRN and the Open Source approach could fit in. We should try to figure that out.

I for one would be interested in taking the train to Berlin to attend (unless the conference fee is prohibitive). I hope there is interest among others, not least the Germany .LRN people (Carl, Malte, Dirk, Tilmann, David etc.).

Posted by David Kuczek on
"Future Technologies for Learning includes a focus on future visions of technology, mobile and ambient learning, as well as an overview of developments with regard to Open Source and Standardisation."

This looks like the perfect place to start...

Some kind of presentational participation would be great marketing wise, but:

"Deadline for receipt of all proposals is April 18, 2003"

They might make an exception...

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Another conference that might be of interest:

ECEL 2003, The 2nd European Conference on eLearning
6-7 November 2003, Glasgow

Abstract submission deadline is 11 July 2003.