Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: .LRN t-shirts coming to a post office near you

Posted by Peter Marklund on
thanks a bunch for that bulk order! :-) Here is the current order status (yes Lars, I signed you up too...):

Jarkko 2 with, 3 without
Carl 4 with, 6 without
Roberto 2 without
Torben 2 (with or without?)
Randy Ferrer 3 (with or without)
Simon 1 with
Al Essa 100 (with or without back?)
Peter 1 with, 1 without
Lars 1 with, 1 without

Total: 125 (if my counting serves me right)

We are getting the highest quality t-shirt in black and it looks like the price will be roughly 8 Euros. How to best ship the t-shirts and how much this will cost I haven't looked into yet.

Can everybody indicate if they want the Copenhagen 2003 Seminar with this institution listing on the back or not please.