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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
By platform specific, I meant that sometimes people place their files in different places even among the various Linux distributions.

By configuration specific, I meant it depends on what is in your config file.  Can you post the contents of /usr/local/aol32/nsp-trainee.tcl ?

Before you start on your adding program, you should check that AOLserver is serving plain pages properly.  Put a simple html document named test.html in /web/nsp-trainee/www/study  The URL you use to see that file in MSIE depends on the name of your machine and the contents of /usr/local/aol32/nsp-trainee.tcl but will be something like http://yourmachine/study/test.html

If that works, then you can start writing your program.  See for information on adp page syntax and examples.