Forum OpenACS Development: Re: acs-admin/install broken!!!!!

Posted by Dave Bauer on

Gustaf made a typo that's all. The 5.2 channel is at

On thing you need to understand is that we are a volunteer community. Please feel free to orgainze whatever resources you have to improving the toolkit. Making it easier to use a great goal.

The main reason you can't find dotlrn compatible with openacs 5.3 is that dotlrn is a collection of packages that are tested and released together. The release process for dotlrn 2.3 is almost complete.

Using more exclamation points or capital letters does not make the job of managing the toolkit any easier.

You can download dotlrn 2.3 alpha now, and try it out, it works and testing helps the community greatly.
This is the "failsafe" test mechanism prior to release. Interested parties download the alpha or beta release, and try it out. They report issues and help fix bugs before the release.

Or you can wait for the official release.
If after the release you find some aspects of OpenACS or .LRN that are not up to your standards, and you don't feel you can fix it yourself, you can always find a volunteer to work with you, or hire someone to fix what you need.