Forum OpenACS Development: Re: acs-admin/install broken!!!!!

Posted by Steve Manning on
< Steve, the packages in repository/5-2/ are the latest 'released' packages, these work with OpenACS Core 5.2.3. So, if you get the kernel (OpenACS Core 5.2.3), and you do a upgrade from repository, you should get a working version. We should be more clear in distinguishing between "OpenACS Core" and the "OpenACS Application Packages".>


My comment wasn't intended as a criticism - I appreciate how much volunteer time people commit in maintaining the site and releases.

If you tour the site from a newbies perspective it can be a bit confusing at times. When we get a new visitor to the site who might be interested in downloading OACS to try it out, I think it should be clear what it is that they should download to achieve this. As I understand it that would be 5.2.3 at the moment if, as is likely, they want to try anything other than the core. Which means that the Home page is correct but other areas could do with some clarification.

- Steve