Forum OpenACS Development: Re: acs-admin/install broken!!!!!

Posted by Don Baccus on
The release manager of .LRN makes sure all packages that belong to .LRN are a basis of the .LRN release tarball. You might ask him (for 2.3 that is Don) that he tags all .LRN packages as compatible for a certain released version of OpenACS once the release is out.
Indeed, they'll be tagged as oacs-5-3-compat when I release .LRN 2.3.0 final.

The decision to only release acs-core as a monolithic entity rather than continue to release a wide suite of packages at once (other than .LRN) wasn't made so much because of limited resources, but rather to give package developers more flexibility.

So, for instance, under the "old scheme" Gustaf's xowiki package wouldn't "officially" become upgraded except when acs-core was released.

Now, Gustaf is free to make new releases of xowiki whenever he wants. It is his responsibility, though, not mine as the OpenACS release manager, to make certain that compatibility and maturity tags are properly maintained in CVS.

Likewise for other packages. Those released officially with .LRN are maintained by the .LRN developer community (though we don't do as good a job maintaining version and tag info as we should, I admit - we're trying to improve this).

Other packages - malte's business-oriented stuff, the project manager stuff worked on by a few other people - well, those folks have to maintain their own version and compatibility tag information themselves. As they do, the packages will be made available for download in the repository (assuming that code works reliably :)

We've got a lot to do to improve this stuff. As Dave mentions, volunteer help is much more useful than "bangs" (the "!" char) or capital letters :)