Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS 5.0 Package Inventory and OpenACS Governance

Posted by Jade Rubick on
I'm not sure if I like the title "obsolete". If a package doesn't have a person currently in charge of it, does that make it "obsolete". If so, then when someone steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for it, would it be then moved from obsolete to something else.

I'd personally prefer something like unsupported.

I'm not currently using Ticket Tracker, but this could be a good example. There are probably people out there using Ticket Tracker, and not wanting to switch. Let's say in the future they start to clean up the code, expand it, etc.. It wouldn't really be an obsolete package. They may even improve it to the point it would be blessed again.

Maybe I'm raising a stink that doesn't need to be raised. It certainly doesn't affect me much. If so, my apologies. I'd just suggest calling it unsupported, or something else.

I'll continue to maintain:

- eCommerce
- Payment Gateway
- Shipping Service Contract
- Value based Shipping
- IRC Logger

and together with Janine Sisk:

- Payment Service Contract