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Posted by Ben Koot on
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Ben Koot on Apr 24 2003 17:16:40
Re: OpenACS 5.0 Package Inventory and OpenACS Governance

Jade ,
A good comment. I was wondering about that too. For example the postcard module. The functionality is what end-users like and may need. I have to admit the presentation at moment is minimal, but from a functional point of view we need it. I guess, a simple tweak will be sufficent to add the "Send picture as postcard" to the Photodb module.
- The functionality is saved
- Developers no longer need to maintain a seperate module.
- It's easier to understand for the end user
- It eliminates the need to write documentation for a seperate module.

I am sure similar integration is possible with other functionality, saves developers time, and increases userability. There's quite a bit duplicate features causing confusion to end users because of the seperate module concept IMHO.

Maybe it makes sense to create a "functionality directory" So How can I.... Non techies hope IT can help to solve simple problems. How sytem engineers make it work? ... they couldn't care less. I am using this approach on my site . As of tomorrow I will have my visitors add questions to the "whishlist".

Just a thought