Forum OpenACS Development: Re: improving permission queries

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
there are couple of indices already on the various permission related tables, but not that one. When the server is getting to its limits, db-queries that take under "sunshine conditions" 2ms will take sometimes 2 or more seconds. I would think that for most rather low traffic installations, this index does not matter. For us it did, so i reported it back.

It is not a bug, the functional behavior is exactly the same like before. Every trained oacs admin can feed the single line into her database. But be aware that the database upgrade script will barf on upgrading upgrade-5.3.0b1-5.3.0b2.sql
I found no simple and proven way to create indices conditionally on postgres and oracle.

-gustaf neumann
PS: the actual upgrade scripts were missing at the time of my original post two days ago.