Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Make openacs4.tcl the live AOLserver config file

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
I did another install and suddenly understood what you were talking about.  You mean, let's make an /etc directory in the  cvs tree containing the config file, right?  Dunno why I was so dense, but I think this is a good idea.  Should we also create empty folders for /log and /database-backup?  How about  files and directories for options like daemontools and analog?  I vote yes for all, since there's an upside and no real downside - if you're poking around in the directories you probably want this stuff.  If you want the stuff, either the new default is the right place or you're non-standard and going to have to move it anyway.  If you're not poking around here, the extra directories don't take up much space or present a security risk.  Anybody else agree or disagree?
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Right. :)

CVS acts slightly suprisingly with respect to empty directories, so you might want to add directories only if we have files to put in them. But, that's just a minor taste thing, either way there's really no harm. Important thing is if we do have good etc/nsd.tcl or whatever other config files to distribute with OpenACS, then yeah, let's definitely create the directories and put them there.