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18: Re: named objects (response to 17)
Posted by Dirk Gomez on
I don't really have a fixed opinion :) - I can happily go along with your approach as well.

E. g. both arguments somewhat hold:

- it doesn't make sense to show an object in a "random" language.

- the category tree needs to be translated completely and a "out-of-bound" category item may lead to users asking for a complete translation. It may be good that people perceive a page to be erroneous or lacking information. Or they may just make sense of the "out-of-band" language.

How do you intend to pick the fallback if there's neither a user-default nor a system-default langauge? Will it just be the random first item of some list?

19: Re: named objects (response to 18)
Posted by Timo Hentschel on
As I already said I would opt for showing at least something if we can't get a decent translation. How about showing the object in the language the object creator used when creating the object? That would add a date field to the table acs_named_objects (object_id, locale, object_name, creation_date); If we would cache the translations for each object we could sort them by creation_date thus displaying the first translation when no translation is available in the users or the default locale.