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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Let me be blunt here, and say something that probably everyone reading and participating in this thread realizes, except for Divya himself:

Divya, from your posts it is pretty clear that you have no clue what you are doing. Various people here are being polite and helpful and giving you good specific technical advice, but it is unlikely that any of that is really going to help you, because you don't need specific technical advice, you need a sound tutorial of the basic concepts, so that the specific technical advice will make sense. What you need to do, is sit down and have someone who already understands this stuff explain the basics to you. To get him started, try asking questions like:

  • How does this AOLserver web server thing work? When a person clicks on a URL in their browser, what happens?
  • How does any web server work in general? How is AOLserver the same or different?
  • What are .tcl and .adp pages and what do they have to do with AOLserver?
  • Do the vim, Emacs, and Notepad editors all do the same thing? Why would I want to use one or the other?
And continue asking more questions from there. Once you can explain questions like that to someone else, you'll be ready to come back here and ask for more specific advice and help.