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Posted by Divya R on
Hello James, Jim, Andrew,

  I have been sruggling for the past few weeks and really thot tht I would seek timely help from all professionals alike you....Of which I must admit that James really ried hard and I am grateful to him....Well however if you think this is going to waste you time further...I shall be convinced that this forum also gets onto the list of "No use...its only meant for gurus"...

I am really sorry to have hurt all your feelings and if I have irritated you....

Thanks and regards,

Hoping to hear from either whether positive/negative....and that shall make me decide if this thread shud continue or not....I was the one who started with hopes....Anyays thanks a lot for everything and appreciate all ou guys wrote in the best possible stride tho' with a lot of mental conflict... :(

Goodluck and thanks again!!