Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: RFC: OpenACS Governance

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
For those of you who wonder or are suspicious for my revived interest in participating in this community it should not be a surprise since I did say in my messages during the dotlrn governance discussion that I would be back when openacs decided to have a formal structure.

So that you won't have to hold your breath too long I'm not interested in being a member of the core group or whatever it might be called. If the people who would form the group afterwords decide that I did contribute enough in OpenACS and my work had impact on the project and would like to invite me in (as addressed in the tcl document) that is another story.

Having said that, I would like to contribute my 2 cents in this discussion. I believe that most good examples of consortiums/organizations of this form have one basic principle that I strongly believe should also be a fundamental rule for any future governance body that will be formed:

<em>No single company or a coalition of interests should be able to control the faith of the project.</em>

What I'm saying is that the governance body, *IMHO*, should be formed of a variety of people with no common interests (in the sense of funding and so on) so that the project won't shift away based on the interests of that one entity or coalition.

With all the good faith, Neophytos.