Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ASCII status bars and low tech status bars

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
Just to be clear, I agree that nested tables can cause problems and I'm really glad that there aren't tons of nested tables in the openACS. Don't add any on my account. Nested tables can really suck.

Same with font tags, needless images and image-navigation. The lack of them on OpenACS is one of the big reasons that I like OpenACS.

Every choice usually has some benefit or weakness. I often wondered if this nested table status bar trick created a larger K or browser render time for the user then the simple gif image that the designer made in photoshop! I hope not -- but it might.

But it's no big deal. Take it or leave it. I guess I liked this hack because some designer thought it was worthy of his "taste". Strange world. I prefer the ASCII version.