Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: RFC: OpenACS Governance

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
When it comes to the core technical team, I think it's clear that the only criterion for membership will be one's technical skill and contributions to the project.  I can't see us using political criteria ("is this person funded by XYZ? Does this person own a consulting company?") in this process.

I do not agree. Having a diversity of people in the core team *is* fundamental. I'm having the feeling that I'm trying in vain here. Ever since I reappeared the only argument against my so called candidacy to the core team has been a political argument and not a technical one.

Judging from a technical point of view I did contribute much more to the core than most people in this community have. I did wrote the service contracts package which judging from its wide usage I would say that had the most impact after the aD released packages. So that I do not have to post these things here again. Here is the thread that Peter started (btw, I see that not many have claimed their packages yet):

As far as persons go, I did not intend to post names. But, since Peter posted names I will do as well. I do not want to suggest that these people are interested to join such a group but only my personal recognition to their contributions in the project (other than the people Peter posted about, order not important):

* Roberto Mello: He has been here forever...

* Dan Wickstrom: He has been here forever...

* Jon Griffin: He has been here as far as I remember and he also contributed more packages than anyone else (I'm talking about packages which were not derived from funded projects). He is also a security expert.

* Tom Jackson: aolserver core team member with contributions to the project, namely cronjob etc

* Dave Bauer

* Malte Sussdorff

and probably others that slip my mind. I am not trying to degrade Lars or Jeff's contributions to the project but these people have been around long before Lars and Jeff became active (IIRC) and they did contribute to the project.