Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: RFC: OpenACS Governance

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
I don't need to put up with your personal attacks in order to maintain the status quo.  It seems like I have to put up with your personal attacks in order to *broaden* the number of people involved in governance.

That seems mighty strange to me.

Don, no personal attacks. I honestly tell you so. But, unless we discuss as we do now, unresolvable differences will remain like a shadow over the project.

OTOH, to accuse me (not necessarily you) that by posting my criticism/concerns I'm looking into serving a ultimate goal that is paranoia.

Anybody, find me a motive for posting here my criticism other than that I have contributed three years of my life in this project and I want to have a say when things don't seem right to me and then but only then judge me guilty. Yes, I do not like it when I have volunteered three years of my life in a project and did some great work (which anybody can confirm reading the forums here) and someone comes along and tries to tell me to keep quite one way or another.