Forum OpenACS Development: Re: RFC: PostgreSQL-specific packages

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
Thank you Don. Before my trip to Central Europe I had commit privileges to the whole tree. I do not know if I still do but one way or another I will submit the package to the project.

I have another package for maintaining RSS feeds. I know that there has been work on that direction but I'll post the details anyway when I'm back home. I've checked the other package a bit and we had solve the problem with different approaches -- I am using XSLT transformations in the package which is one more reason that tDOM is needed. One good thing about the package is that it adapts refresh intervals based how often feeds are updated.

Given this opportunity, I want to announce that I have worked on a new bookmarks package (much like Yahoo) and have experimented with a friend on a persistence layer. There are a couple of things that will need to be addressed for the last two packages, e.g. the bookmarks package is using xotcl and a different templating system. I do not want to start the discussion about these things until I'm back and settled but I'm just bringing everybody up to date. Other stuff for the curious that want to know, I had the chance to experiment with a friend is RBAC support. I have already mentioned the summarization code for OpenFTS in another thread.