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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Outstanding info, Roberto!

I was just thinking, in my "step two" above, I volunteer to document stuff regardless of whether I end up doing any sysadmin understand/fix stuff or not. I can whip up a simple HTML doc with all the areas I think we need to fill in, add Roberto's info above, add what I know, etc.

This doc will a be directory (initially just one file) of dead simple HTML files, in the style (inititally) of some of the various CVS and Oracle docs I have on my personal site. It will be dead simple static HTML so that I and anyone else with CVS access to that directory can edit it as easily as possible, and so that it can easily be read offline.

On the box, I think the place to put it is "/web/". That will make it show up on the /doc/ page of, once it's committed and then checked out to the production server. Is that the best place?

Seems I already have write access to that directory (I think CVS commit too, although I'm not really sure), so once I hear that putting the doc there is a good idea I'll get started on a draft and do it.

My hope is that I can get a document started, which will both provide some useful info (see Roberto's above!) and start laying out all the areas we need to fill in... And then that the document will eventually become the first line of reference for anyone maintaining, and that all such maintainers will contribute to it as a matter of course.