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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Incidentally, this is mostly off-topic, and kind of theoretical, but maybe interesting to some:

It's reasonable that Mike would see it that way, since apparently he's the responsible sysadmin who'd just been handed someone else's big messy pile of toys he has to carefully organize, repair, and upgrade, but I personally doubt that the box is messy because, "It's been hacked on by so many folks over so long".

In my time at aD and elsewhere, I've seen plenty of boxes that were under tight "control" (where control was defined as, taking away anyone else's ability to fix or change anything on the box), by "professional" sysadmins, but which were more or less a mess. Why? IMO, because those nominally in "control" were in fact quite disorganzied; never wrote anything down, no documents, no notes, no how to fix things in an emergency, no who to call, no internal how-to or best practices info, no delegation, little or no communication with anyone else, nothing. It was the disorganization, plus the resulting lack of any real transparency or specific accountability, that was the problem, not the lack (or presence) of so-called "control" over the box. IMNSHO.