Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: New CVS Instructions and Contribute Page

Posted by Lamar Owen on
Having been here at the beginning, when OpenACS was still ACS/pg, I believe a history page, particularly showing the three original core people (Ben, Don, and Roberto) that got things through at least 2.3 days (I was only involved peripherally with the project, with the driver and PostgreSQL itself) would be wonderful.

Going through the archives I have of the old acs-pg-dev mailing list is quite nostalgic, with the big transitions (at the time) of going from AOLserver 2.3 to AOLserver 3.0, with everybody having problems with the 3 betas (3b5 was the most stable at the time, IIRC); going from PostgreSQL 6.5.3 to PostgreSQL 6.6 (which became 7.0); and the biggie of going from ACS 2.x code to 3.x code.  'That time' being late 1999 and early 2000.  Getting ns_column and ns_table back in the driver is my 'claim to fame' at the time.  Sure made Ben, Don, and Roberto's day when I did it.  'It' being a graft of code that Mark Dalrymple did for the Oracle driver into the PostgreSQL driver, with some rewriting for PostgreSQL-specific issues.

And I still need to clean up that old graft job.... 😊 And I need to get the driver using LISTEN/NOTIFY so that a connection being dropped while the backend is churning at a lengthy query doesn't happen any more (I'll post more details to the AOLSERVER mailing list when I know enough about what I want to do to get comments).

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and lots of people have made much larger contributions.  But I'm glad I was able to help, even if just a little.  Dan Wickstrom helped out early on as well, IIRC.  And then he did the bind variable support that made 4.x possible.  The README file from the driver distribution has everybody (I think) mentioned.

Other names I haven't heard in a while showed up, such as Jamie Ross and Brent Fulgham.

Man, I've been running PostgreSQL for too long... 😊 (AOLserver 2.2.1 with PostgreSQL 6.1.1 on Red Hat 4.1 was the first prototype (in 1997) -- things didn't really work well until Red Hat 5.0's glibc and PostgreSQL 6.2.1 teamed up with a glibc version of AOLserver 2.2.1 and Mark Dalrymple's beta postgres driver (Hi Mark...) -- which would have been the fall of 1997)

So, obviously, I'm all for a history page.  With permission of those mentioned in this post, I'd be glad to contribute e-mail archives to such a page.