Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Bootstrapping OpenACS governance

Posted by Peter Marklund on
thanks for continuing the discussion on governance. Here are some ideas and clarifications:

1) We should produce a governance document as soon as possible that resembles the Tck/TK document.

2) The /contribute page lists the members of the core team. The /projects/openacs/4.7/package_inventory page lists the package maintainers. I added a sentence today in the cvs guidelines that I think might clarify cvs commit rules to people:

"Before committing to cvs you must submit a bug report and patch to the OpenACS bug tracker. The only exceptions to this rule are for package maintainers committing in a package they are maintaining and for members of the core team."

So having commit rights doesn't mean you are entitled to commit at will - only under certain restricted circumstances.

3) My idea regarding meetings was that the core team would meet right before the .LRN meeting since its basically the same people. I don't think the meetings should be public as sensitive issues may be discussed, but I think we should require that a brief report be blogged from each meeting. It shouldn't be too much to ask to have one of the core team members do this (I for one volunteer).