Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Complete Jabber Package for Openacs

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
Bjoern, I'm trying to load nsjabber into my aolserver installation but without any success. Here's the message I get in the server log (3.4.2 on RH 8.0):

[01/May/2003:12:02:43][3543.8192][-main-] Notice: modload: loading '/usr/local/aolserver/bin/'
[01/May/2003:12:02:43][3543.8192][-main-] Warning: modload: failed to load '/usr/local/aolserver/bin/': '/usr/local/aolserver/bin/ undefined symbol: JABBER_Dbml_Direckt'
[01/May/2003:12:02:43][3543.8192][-main-] Fatal: modload: failed to load module

Any suggestions?