Forum OpenACS Q&A: i18n - bookmarks, site wide search, acs-lang, portal (when it's finished)

We're going to be internationalising these packages, unless someone has already done them. Please say so if you have! I'm sure there will be lots of interest in them when we're finished, so what would be the best version to start from? I'm thinking 4.6.2 final where possible, although we're running on a newer kernel because acs-lang needs it so I guess we might run into compatibility issues(?)
great news that you are doing this work. As you probably know, all I18N stuff has to be committed on cvs head. 4.6.x is the last set of non-internationalized OpenACS releases.
Yes, you should work with HEAD to see what i18n and what's not.

I knew the actual commit will happen on HEAD, but does that mean I have to checkout from HEAD or can I checkout from oacs-4-6-2-final? I'm still getting used to the way CVS works!

Also, I was thinking we could take some packages that had been done for dotLRN, such as forums and calendar, but I think only the portal front-end of these is multilingual. Is this correct? If so, we'll have to convert the standard forums and calendar packages to i18n ourselves.

you should get it from HEAD.

AFAIK and I'm pretty sure of that because I have used it, all the packages that dotLRN (default) uses are i18n (including forums and calendar), and there are other like survey and soon WP that are also i18n. In other words, you don't need to convert any of those dotLRN packages into i18n, but if you build some new, that will be cool to have i18n ready!

Thanks, Rocael.