Forum OpenACS Q&A: Growth of the OpenACS Community

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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Since i wondered about the currently 11307 registered users of the OpenACS community, i did some quick analysis how it develops. The good news: during the last year, it grew faster than in the three years before.
  • april 2003 - march 2004: 1009
  • april 2004 - march 2005: 1316
  • april 2005 - march 2006: 996
  • april 2006 - march 2007: 1519
  • This means: between 1.april 2006 and end of march 2007, 1519 new users registered on
Posted by Brian Fenton on
That is good news indeed. It would be wonderful to see OpenACS climb to new heights in use.

thanks for those numbers, Gustaf.