Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Priority Items for v2.0

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

sounds good. Let's see how we can add these points to the roadmap.

1. After a couple of days of watching people use file-storage it seems it needs some major UI work. I would be very interested in seeing the web interface you mention.

2. Wimpy point is is going to be the first "group project tool" we are going to have. What else was in there?

3. This would be excellent. A grading system is a puzzle piece we are all looking for right now. Support for groups would be excellent.

4. Do you have a demo we could look at? The "help remember random students" function sounds really cool. The MIT profiles package seems to be making progress (it has shown up on SloanSpace recently) and I hope it will be part of the solution. In addition, the "What other users see about me" page is one of the most important community promoting tools in OpenACS/.LRN and it needs some major work to get it back up to the 3.x level (the page is more than lame at the moment). In the process we have to think about who gets to see what (e.g. only people in class X should be able to see my postings in that class, TAs and Professors should have a link to my grades in that class, dean's office might have access to all grades, etc.). I hope the  profiles package is  part of the solution.