Forum .LRN Q&A: ANN New version of IMS-LD: 1.3.0 tagged and released

Hello all,

We are glad to announce the forth official release of the IMS-LD package for .LRN. The player (which now is also referred to as GRAIL) is the most important part of the package and it is the one we are working on.

Among other things, this release includes:

  • Improvements
    • Bug fixes
    • UI improvements
    • Properties of type file now correctly handled
    • The resources of the UoL can now be edited (not only viewed) from the file-storage UI, not having to upload a new zip when editing a single resource
  • New additions
    • Monitoring Tools for the Course Administrator: now all the properties of the UoL can be edited from a single monitoring page

Besides, we are also glad to announce that we have succesfully completed the first real experience with a real course using the GRAIL player, as part of the Mosaic project.

As usual, please feel free to try our test server (, install the package from CVS (IMS-LD install guide), or try our virtual machine.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are allways more than welcome.


Jose Pablo Escobedo

I forgot to say that we also took into account the evaluation done by Olga Revilla and made some improvements on that too