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Posted by Don Baccus on
If your site is still under development, by far the easiest approach would be to upgrade to OpenACS 4.6.2, which also fixes a lot of other bugs.

Or you could upgrade.  Upgrading datamodels is simply a matter of grabbing the tarball, replacing your existing source code, and using the ACS Package Manager (APM) to run the SQL upgrade scripts.  But if you've customized templates or .tcl scripts, then upgrading involves a lot more work than simply upgrading the datamodel and must be done by you, manually.

A simple approach, if you just want to fix this problem without going through the trouble of a full upgrade, is to grab the tarball and to copy all of the current one* files into your existing copy of acs-admin/www/users.  I think that will work fine because I think the changes are minimal, perhaps only that one bug fix, to be honest.

coalesce() is an extended version of nvl().  It takes a list of arguments and returns the first one that's not NULL, much as nvl() does for two arguments.  We use coalesce in the default query file because it is part of the SQL 99 standard.  Postgres supports this standard function, and as mentioned above Oracle 9i also supports this standard function, but Oracle 8i and earlier versions do not.