Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Using Sourceforge Subversion for OpenACS

Posted by Daniël Mantione on
The expose andvantage is basically a form of seach engine optimization, the SourceForge search engine ranks you higher if you have a high activity score.

While we do everything ourselves, placing downloads on Sourceforge too, already puts us in the top 300 of high activity.

Still, I think this is a very poor way of exposure. Things that expose Free Pascal are for example:

* Benchmarks, being no 1 helps a lot :) :
* Contests:
* Being used by commercial companies, example:
* Evangelism by users, example:

All of these things share one thing: They happen outside and are initiated by the community, not the developers.

For OpenACS, it is the best web toolkit, it has amazingly talented developers, and has commercial backing. Going to Sourceforge just to be found in their search engine seems a sign of weakness to me. The fundament is to have a strong community, and this is what OpenACS needs to work on.