Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Loss of critical functionality in forums

Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Carl, there is a link in the notification mail to go straight to the thread 😊

But seriously, this is very important.  Making a "what's new?" -portlet in dotlrn that would aggregate new/unanswered stuff to MySpace from forums and possibly other sources shouldn't be too hard.

"What's new" would certainly help my teaching.

Right now I get all new emails/postings/homework alerts as notifications (123 messages in my inbox yesterday from 22 students).

Due to the fact that each notification has a different number, I can't seem to set up a rule in OUTLOOK to bundle all new postings, emails, and "homework alerts" (like that expression - sounds dangerous) in one folder.

If there were a folder with only new items in the class system, I could then simply turn off the notification feature and still be assured that I have new information. My students also have problems with the flood of emails in the present system, too.

We all seem to agree that this would be useful, but I wanted to describe my hands-on situation.