Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: The maniac plan for world domination

Posted by Daniël Mantione on
A second step would be to get more interaction between OpenACS and its community. Ideas we I can think of are:
  • Improve coverage on of user initiatives.
  • Have users link back to to improve site ranking.
  • Allow community members to work on site content, and contribute more easily. Decrease the bureaucracy as much as possible.
  • Keep an eye on community fragmentation. You don't want this to happen, as this removes community synergies. Generally I think the OpenACS community is very well unified, with one big exception, Project-Open. Things to watch:
    • Sub-projects. Many projects start sub-projects, to focus on some specific goal. You don't want this to happen, since work in the sub-project might benefit the main project. A good example is GCC community, it is fragmented between core, Mingw, Cygwin, GNU Ada, GNU Pascal. Work from the Cygwin team could be very usefull for Mingw32 ports, but also Dos and OS/2 ports. This synergy does not happen, work is wasted.
    • Keep an eye on languages. People want to speak their own language, so in many projects people start building sites in different languages. This is actually a very good thing, since this is often essential to get adoption outside the anglophone world. However, it is also important to prevent fragmentation of your community. A multi-lingual website and local forums can be very effective to keep your community together.