Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Announcement: OpenACS/DotLRN Conference in Vienna

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Community,

i am glad to announce that presentations from the Vienna OpenACS/DotLRN conference are available at the conference website We have most of the slides for download and and most of the presentations available as a video podcast. Download the conference to your ipod and take it with you by tuning to


or watch it from your browser

A few presentations had technical problems, i hope we are able to get a few more videos in the next days.

It was nice, having the you here in Vienna!

Gustaf Neumann

Hi all,

it was nice to meet you in Vienna.

For those who could not come (or were interested in the presentations on Educational Standards and Accessibility), I have uploaded the slides and papers from the corresponding Workshops:
-Workshop on Experiences on Accessible eLearning Platforms
-Workshop on Educational Standards and Methodologies support in dotLRN

corresponding to Friday's Track A: E-Learning Technologies.


Hi Gustaf,

the link to the Vienna conference posted in the previous message ( seems not to be working. Are the conference information and proceedings available somewhere else from the 2007 edition at Vienna?



The website was running on a VM which was completely destroyed. One can get the content from the Wayback archive at:

hope this helps
-gustaf neumann

Ok, Gustaf. Thanks for the clarification.