Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: The maniac plan for world domination

Posted by Robert Taylor on
actually packaging for debian/ubuntu is WELL underway.

this is why i'm gonna put up an instance of pm for this, no one even knows whos going for which low hanging fruit.

and its precisely because:

a) there is no master todo list
b) no prioritization
c) no infrastructure for bringing new talent into points in the process that meet their needs/interests/skills.

i.e. you are re-doing what is already under way.

here are your two options:

1. i alread spoke with frankie the maintainer of aolserver to backport postgres and aolserver and components to current debian stable (which is what you should be running as a server), we already have automated scripts that download everything from cvs and build and install it so packaging is trivial.

however frankies time costs money and him being the best to package aolserver, postgres and bits we should pay him for his time. care to donate some money with me to pay him to do this?

2. you can talk to jim and dirkgomez about their packaging effortst (dirk is doig .lrn, jim on packaging all the individual packages via an automated build system) and you can help out there.

if you want low hanging fruit, let me get out frankies quote and lets get some cash together, split it 5 ways and we can have instant packages and a repo in about a week or two done by the AOLSERVER maintainer (that is to say, properly, no halfway bullshit).

in other words, low hanging fruit is great, you really need to be aware of whats already been done and how much tho to effectively achieve that.

any takers? the more people we split frankies time between the cheaper it gets and the faster it's up and running.