Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver/Oracle crashes on ns_httpget

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Posted by Lars Pind on
My AOLserver crashes on ns_httpget.

If you want to try it, visit /api-doc on your server, and type in something in the lower right box, the one that searches the Tcl MAN pages. My server restarts.

But only when it's running the Oracle driver. The servers that run PostgreSQL do not.

I've tracked it down to ns_sockopen.

Here's a related bug on sourceforge, along with my comment on it.

Has anybody else experienced this? If you have an Oracle AOLserver running, could you try this, please?

Can't wait till AOLserver 4 is fit for fight.


Posted by Tom Jackson on

Which version of AOLserver, OS? Seems like I had a similar problem when I moved some binaries from RH7.x to RH8.0, but then maybe it was stack size? I don't remember except that I got a crash on server startup when the robots package used a sock function, when I disabled it, it happened again somewhere else with a sock function.

Posted by Ola Hansson on
This problem is not occurring on my box ...

I'm running AOLserver 3.3.1+ad13 and Oracle 8.1.7 (without patches) on Debian Unstable, Linux.

Are you doing vhosting (I'm not) or have special modules loaded?

My stacksize is 500000 ...

Posted by Alfred Werner on
I also use ns_httpget pretty extensively on 2 very busy servers running Oracle with no downtime (a memory leak that's unrelated but ns_httpget is fine)..
Posted by Lars Pind on
Cool. It was the stacksize.

For some reason, I didn't think it'd have anything to do with the stacksize, since I'd never had any other problems, so before trying that, I tried installing AOLserver4, and had a similar problem: The server would hang, it didn't crash.

But then I up'd the stacksize from around 132000 to 500000, and not it works.


Anybody knows why this is related to stacksize? Why does ns_sockopen require such a high stack size?

But thanks a bunch for the suggestion! :)