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Posted by Bernd Simon on
Dear Caroline,

I would like to participate in Marketing-related activities of OpenACS/dotLRN. I really consider this an important task for this framework.

For me, Marketing not only means "desinging" Promoation/Communication, but also Product Development - more on a strategic and target user oriented sense then on a technical level. Here we might have run into conflicts with the other steering mechanisms to mention this quite frankly. However, having discussions about market-driven product development needs in a constructive way should be benefitial for all of us.

I need to take into account that my personal resources are quite scarce in the next 10 weeks, but Knowledge Markets should at least be able to come up with some descriptions of our DotLRN / OpenACS related business cases, as a first contribution to such an effort - in case that suits you somehow.

-- Bernd