Forum OpenACS Development: migrating from ACS3 ticketTracker to bugtracker

We're migrating our system from ACS3 to ACS4, and
I want to copy all tickets (about 650) to the new system.
I haven't decided yet if I want to work with bugtacker or ticket tracker, anyway...
I wrote a plpgsql function that opens tickets in bug tracker.
BUT using "select bt_bug__new(null,null,2550,v_component,null,ticket.one_line,''Mozilla/4.0 '',ticket.message,''text/html'',ticket.posting_time,v_user,'''',''content_item'',''content_revision'')"
was not enough, i had to do inserts to workflow_cases and workflow_case_fsm.
is there a smarter way to insert a ticket?
shouldn't the function bt_bug__new do the insert of the workflow case?

Another thing: now I inserted the tickets, but i want to delete them. I did:
SELECT bt_bug__delete(bug_id) from bt_bugs;
the problem is that after a while i get:
ERROR:  Referential Integrity: attempting to delete live_revision: 2782

Posted by Peter Marklund on
Hey Yuval,
I think you should use Bug Tracker and I think you should use the Tcl API for your inserts.
Posted by Yuval Lieberman on
I guess it will be easier to insert the tickets that way.
the only problem i still have is inserting them with the timestamp of the original ticket.
the only solution i think of (other then changing the tcl API) is to update acs_objects after the insert of the bug.
Posted by Ola Hansson on

I just uploaded a fresh tarball to file-storage, with the scripts we used when we migrated from 3.x to 4.5. (I should have done this a long time ago, I know, but better late than never ...)

This may be of interest to you if you haven't already done most of the moving ...

There is no script for migrating tickets though.

The contents of the README:TXT in the tarball is also available here:

(the people behind these scrips are, _I think_, someone from Museatech, Jeff Davis, Tilmann Singer, Dave Bauer and myself - the blame is well spread 😊)

Good luck with the migration!