Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: BBoard Vs Forums, i18n Vs SWS

Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
I wonder what percentage of bboard (or any) content is actually categorised by the poster?  Are there any figures or anecdotal evidence available?  We are working on a large KM project for a goverment type body - our preferred solution for categorisation is a mentioned previously "Oracle text themes".  You can aquire, create and / or extend a Knowledge base (or taxonomy).  You can then get the system to assign a number of themes to each piece of content based on lexical analysis of the content.
Posted by Christof Spitz on
we opened bboard-forums for study groups, and each ist studying a different main topic each semester. So categories help me to categorize announcements and subjects better  according to different subject matters and groups without having to create too many forums. Too many forums is a disadvantage because at last all study groups have to go through the same subjects sooner or later so it is better to build a common knowledge base and people are too lazy to browse a lot of forums.

So, although our forums are fairly new and we don't have much experience, I think we will make extended use of the categories. Since we use the forums for announcements and also sharing study materials to the students, many of the postings are done by ourselves, so we have it in our hands to use categories.

Also, we are using Postgres instead of Oracle, so "Oracle text themes" may not be available.

Posted by Robin Felix on

This responds to the question requesting figures or anecdotal evidence concerning user-categorized forum posts. The following bboard categorization figures come from the current posts in a Marketing Forum on a major defense company intranet driven by an OpenACS 3.2.5 installation.

This forum has 10 categories, three of which are assigned by an outside administrator to track a timed process; the rest are self-selected by the users. If no category is selected for a topic and it does not need "finite state machine" control, it remains uncategorized.

Total topics: 832

  • Uncategorized: 18%
  • Categorized by users: 62%
  • Categorized by administrator: 21%