Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: BBoard Vs Forums, i18n Vs SWS

Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
I'm sorry if I haven't made this clear - we're using "Oracle Text" a indexing and advanced searching tool formerly known as Intermedia.

Here's a simplified example of kind of thing we did (I have more details if you want them):

create a "theme" table:
on qfs18 sqlplus enke_km/enke_km
create table mythemes
( query_id     number,
  theme     varchar2(2000),
  Weight     number

Create a Thesaurus index:
create index Thesaurus_idx on cr_revisions(title) indextype is ctxsys.context;

Generate themes from content (which bits of the taxonomy are relevant to some content):
/*  repeat for every piece of content
ctx_doc.themes( index_name => 'Thesaurus_idx',
textkey => '714',
query_id => '714',
restab => 'mythemes'

Look at the results:
select theme, weight from mythemes order by weight desc;
select query_id from mythemes order by weight desc;

I think we could do lots with this to improve searching and browsing of content:  Build taxonomy into search (done), link "topics of interest" or "skills" into it (under review), browsing of taxonomy (part of Oracle 9i), extending / adding taxonomies etc. (part of 9i).

We are currently converting OACS to use Oracle 9i as there is more advanced functionality available.

Here's the metalink entries all about it.