Forum OpenACS Q&A: Changing roles at furfly

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Don't worry, we're not closing down.  We're doing quite well, actually, especially considering the economy.  But there are some changes taking place and I wanted to make an informal announcement so folks won't wonder what's going on.

Sloan (the Sloan School of Management at MIT) has been one of our biggest clients for years.  They are now officially our biggest client, because I'm now working for them on a full-time basis.  This is good for everyone - furfly, Sloan and the OpenACS and dotLRN projects, because new feature development and toolkit bug fixing are now among my primary responsibilities.  It's also great for me because I get to be a programmer again;  over the last four years I've been more and more CEO, meaning I didn't get to do much productive work.

Mike is taking over my role as furfly CEO, so those of you who are used to hearing from me on business matters will be hearing from him instead.

My intention is to be a more active community participant, since community relations is yet another aspect of my job.  Sloan will be sending me to represent them at some of the various Open Source gatherings;  the O'Reilly convention in July and LinuxWorld in August are both strong possibilities.

My time at Sloan will run for at least one year, and possibly longer, so these are not temporary changes.  Accordingly my primary e-mail address is now jsisk -at-, though my furfly address will continue to work indefinitely.