Add an Upgrade section.Done.
Revise the Install Section for 4.6.2Done.
Include most current docs on non-linux installsstalled, needs volunteers for VMWare, Mac OS X, FreeBSD
Include a Reference InstallDone.
Integrate all the supporting software into the flowDone
Add a maintenance sectionDone
Clean up loose ends in install guide:
  • Backup scripts need to be updated to run in OpenACS instead of cron
  • run qmail supervised
  • updating all Oracle stuff
  • add svc shutdown init scripts
  • add more self-testing
  • integrate uptime service
  • Use updated aolserver tarball with sql error patch
  • Bugs in 4.6.2 final:
    1. change openacs-4-6 to openacs-4.6.2
    2. Update PostGreSQL version to 7.3.2
    3. Fix various typos
    4. Upgrade html pages missing
    5. Notes for Red Hat 9.0
In progress.
Rearrange the Developer Documentation:
Add a short hello world tutorialDone.
Add an extended tutorialIn progress
Revise existing Developer Guide materialNot started
Update reference material
  • Remove Ars Digita present-tense references and email addresses
  • Revise outdated sections
aD references fixed, some revisions done
Update package documentation.See this list