A number of people are working on improving chat and integrating with Jabber.

Search for "chat" and "Jabber" to see forum messages on this topic.

The Jabber package consists of three different modules. First, a normal APM, which builds the necessary datamodel and provides the files needed for display and functionality of the package. Second, a AOLserver module, which configures the AOLserver to communicate with the Jabber server and so get information of external buddies and third a Jabber Client module, which communicates with the Jabber server and interacts with the database to check the actual buddy list of an user, user information etc.

So far we differentiate three different buddy types for a single user: Internal friends (registered users and characterized as friends by user), External friends ( non registered users, but characterized as friends by user) and anyone (all other registered users). Displaying all online users within the OACS the package provides the chance to open a chatroom with any user within the OACS. Up to now for this feature the package is using the chat package, which is part of the OACS. For the future it is recommendable to use the conference feature of Jabber as addition to the existing chat. This would give the user the chance to open a conference room with internal users (if they are registered with Jabber) and with external users (if they are registered with Jabber). If a user wants to chat with an internal user, who is not registered with Jabber, he will be forced to use the chat package.

A brief documentation can be found at http://www.sussdorff-roy.com/jabber/doc This documentation will be extended by-and-by.

Status: Alpha, not tested yet

Things to do:
- customize the AOLserver and Jabber Client module to new datamodel
  (discussion, whether modules should access the database. The modules of the      
   Jabber package for ACS3.x access the database) 
- Add new features (possibility to add/remove members of a community or hole 
		    community to users buddy list)	 
- Add new Admin features (add new services, deactivate services)
- Implement conferencing feature