Package status

OpenACS extends its functionality via packages. These packages allow you to add new types of pages to your website, such as calendars, weblogs, and news pages.

Packages are maintained by a Package Maintainer, who is responsible for receiving bug reports. In general, that person is most responsible for the package, and is often the author of the package. Packages that have a maintainer are Maintained, and packages without a maintainer are Orphaned. That does not mean the package is not being worked on, but nobody has agreed to take responsibility for the package.

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Package name Package key Description Maintainer Bugs Version control
Acknowledgement acknowledgement Ask system users for acknowledgements such as acceptance of a privacy policy or terms of use. The users acceptance is logged and can be checked via a simple API call. Peter Alberer bugs CVS
ACS Administration acs-admin Pages and functionality for OpenACS site administrators Roberto Mello bugs CVS
ACS API Browser acs-api-browser Allows developers to browse the OpenACS API Roberto Mello bugs CVS
ACS Authentication acs-authentication Authentication, account management, and related functionality. Implements authentication-related security functions for OpenACS, including password, account and session management, bulk account creation etc. Provides a contract based interface for different authentication methods such as PAM or LDAP based authentication. Unassigned bugs CVS
ACS Automated Testing acs-automated-testing Provides a UI for viewing and running automated tests provided by each package within the OpenACS system. Also provides a UI for managing automatic-rebuild servers as in a test farm. maintain this package bugs CVS
ACS Bootstrap Installer acs-bootstrap-installer This package bootstraps OpenACS. If the core packages have not yet been installed, it calls the installer which leads the user through the steps necessary to do so. It also checks that the installation meets the requirements for a successful install of OpenACS. Don Baccus bugs CVS
acs-content acs-content This package is obsoleted as of OpenACS 5. maintain this package   CVS
ACS Content Repository acs-content-repository Provides the API for creating and managing user generated content including full support for versioning, rendering content to the filesystem, folders and composite content items, and other CMS backing functionality. Utilized by Bug Tracker, File Storage, and other packages. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
ACS Core Documents acs-core-docs Documentation for the OpenACS Core. Joel Aufrecht bugs CVS
ACS Date and Time Utilities acs-datetime An API for date and time functions. Note: this version of the package requires acs-event(s) for a helper function. This requirement may go away in the future. Dirk Gomez bugs CVS
ACS Developer Support acs-developer-support Developer support stores timing and other logged information for requests to support debugging and tuning and supports user switching and a Tcl Shell to invoke arbitrary tcl code on the server. maintain this package bugs CVS
ACS Events acs-events API support for relationships between intervals in time, activities, and parties. The events service is primarily intended for use by writers of application packages and other service packages. The service allows developers to specify and manipulate relationships (possibly recurring) between an object and another object. Dirk Gomez bugs CVS
ACS Kernel acs-kernel The OpenACS kernel contains the core datamodel create and drop scripts for such things as objects, groups, partiies and the supporting PL/SQL and PL/pgSQL procedures. Don Baccus bugs CVS
ACS Interface acs-interface Stores metadata for a label and a set of methods. Objects can register their package that provides these methods. Used by Site Wide Search. maintain this package bugs CVS
ACS Language (Internationalization Support) acs-lang Internationalization and localization support routines and admin UI for manipulating Locales, request processor hooks, templating, accessing and managing the message catalog, and locale-specific formatting functions for localizing dates, times, monetary amounts etc. Rocael Hernandez bugs CVS
ACS LDAP Authentication Services acs-ldap-authentication Deprecated in favor of the auth-ldap package.     CVS
ACS Mail acs-mail Provides generic message services, with email sending. The acs-mail-lite package is the prefered interface for new packages and it's anticipated that this package will ultimately be deprecated. Mat Kovach bugs CVS
ACS Mail Lite acs-mail-lite This package provides a simple ns_sendmail-like interface for sending messages, but queues messages in the database to ensure reliable sending and make sending a message 'transactional'. Prefered over acs-messaging or acs-mail. Malte Sussdorff bugs CVS
ACS Messaging acs-messaging Provides generic message services, with email sending. acs-mail-lite and notifications are the prefered packages for delivering this functionality and it is anticipated that this package will ultimately be deprecated. maintain this package bugs CVS
ACS Reference acs-reference Reference Data provides an API to support:
  • A common set of reference data.
  • Running standard reports on this data.
  • Monitoring the usage of reference data.
Jon Griffin bugs CVS
ACS Serving Contract acs-service-contract Service contracts defines an API for the creation of interfaces and discovery of interface implementations. Examples are the contracts used for search which provide a means to get content on a given object and to translate an object_id to a url or the contracts used by dotlrn and new-portals to allow packages toq provide portalized panes. Jeff Davis bugs CVS
ACS Subsite acs-subsite Provides for creating subsites within the OpenACS Community System. Aware of parties, groups, users, portraits. Can be themed via a per subsite master template. Unassigned bugs CVS
ACS Tcl Library acs-tcl Contains all the core Tcl API, including the request processor, security and session management, permissions, site-nodes, package management infrastructure, etc. Jeff Davis bugs CVS
acs-workflow acs-workflow This package is obsoleted. Use workflow instead. maintain this package bugs CVS
ACS Templating acs-templating The templating system provides the tag library and support routines that allow developers and graphic designers to work independently. Templates specify the layout of the page seperately from the contents of the page. Graphic designers work primarily on the layout part of the template (the template), while programmers work primarily a script that generates the the content part of the template (the code). In addition, the template system provides a way to use a single layout specification for many physical pages, so the overall layout of a site can be more easily administered. bugs CVS
acs-util acs-util This package is obsoleted as of OpenACS 5. maintain this package bugs CVS
Address Book address-book The Address Book is an application/service hybrid. As an application, it provides a complete UI for storing, retrieving and searching for individually permissioned contacts. As a service, Address Book provides a storage mechanism for contact information and associating it with other objects. Each contact has identity info as well as an arbitrary number of custom attributes (which may be used for phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) and an arbitrary number of street addresses. The contacts package is preferred over this package maintain this package bugs CVS
Adserver adserver Serve banner ads to users and monitor clickthroughs. Create ad groups and ads and server banners in random rotation with display and clickthrough statistics recorded Roberto Mello bugs CVS
Assessment assessment Advanced quetionnaire/survey/test package utilizing workflow, the CR, and other latest&greatest OpenACS packages; currently under development Eduardo Pérez bugs CVS
Attachments attachments Provide widgets and datamodel to support attachments on arbitrary objects. Used by forums. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Attribute Management System (AMS) ams AMS (Attribute Management System) helps in customizing your website. It lets you adjust what information is collected and displayed for any package that is integrated with it. AMS allows you to easily and dynamically add attributes to forms and display pages, using a Tcl API or an admin interface. AMS uses the content repository to store attribute history for any object on the system. Matthew Geddert bugs CVS
auth-ldap: LDAP Authentication Driver auth-ldap Implements the LDAP authentication, password management, and other drivers for use with the acs-authentication service contracts. bugs CVS
auth-pam: PAM Authentication Driver auth-pam Implements the PAM authentication, password management, and other drivers for use with the acs-authentication service contracts bugs CVS
Authentication Server auth-server Allows OpenACS to act as an authentication server for a single-sign-on environment bugs CVS Payment Gateway authorize-gateway Payment gateway to An account with and a merchant account are required. Bart Teeuwisee bugs CVS
Bboard Portlet bboard-portlet   maintain this package   CVS
Basic Content Delivery System bcds A presentation system for Content Repository. Normally used together with Basic Content Management System (BCMS). maintain this package   CVS
Basic Content Management System bcms Basic CMS is a thin layer on top of Content Repository to manipulate its data model. BCMS is deprecated because the tcl API and the CR tcl api replaces it. maintain this package   CVS
Basic Content Management System Basic UI bcms-ui-base Provides the minimum set of UI functionality for the basic content management system. Unclear if it will be updated to the new API, or if it will be deprecated. maintain this package   CVS
Basic Content Management System Wizard UI bcms-ui-wizard A BCMS UI implementation that makes use of wizard. Unclear if it will be updated to the new API, or if it will be deprecated. maintain this package   CVS
bboard bboard This package is obsoleted. Use forums instead. maintain this package bugs CVS
bboard-portlets bboard-portlets This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
Bulk Mail Portlet bm-portlet maintain this package bugs CVS
Bookmarks bookmarks User bookmark management package with the following functionality:
  • Adding bookmarks when browsing with the help of a Bookmarklet (a Bookmark in the browser that contains Javascript instead of a url).
  • Sorting by name and access date
  • Enhanced access permissions including toggling between private and public.
  • Display of keywords and descriptions of urls (fetched with ns_httpget)
  • Bookmarks are viewed in a tree structure with open/collapse functionality of folders. Alternatively the bookmarks can be viewed in a Javascript version.
  • Importing/exporting bookmarks from/to Netscape and IE browsers
  • Checking for broken or changed URLs
  • Display of the most popular hosts and urls in the community
maintain this package bugs CVS
Bookshelf bookshelf Store commentary on books with an interface to amazon to retrieve thumbnails and other book data bugs CVS
Bug Tracker bug-tracker Bug tracking application with notifications, configurable state management, and patch upload. Contains the best of SDM, Bugzilla, FogBUGZ, and maintain this package bugs CVS
Bulk Mail bulk-mail Mailing form letters to groups of users. Provides an API for sending messages to a collection of users (which can be chosen via arbitrary sql). Mails can be personalized and can be scheduled for a later date. maintain this package bugs CVS
Calendar calendar Manage group and shared calendars Dirk Gomez bugs CVS
Calendar Portlet calendar-portlet Dirk Gomez bugs CVS
Categories categories Datamodel for category trees with supporting API and management pages. Provides a widget for general categorization of arbitrary objects and tracks which package instances use which category trees. Also supports localization. Timo Hentschel bugs CVS
Chat chat Server based chat with an html and java client. This package has not really been used. Probably better to look at the jabber package. maintain this package bugs CVS
Classified Ads classified-ads User entered classified ads. This package implements a generic classified ads module using the content repository. It features categorization, adding of custom fields, etc. Roberto Mello bugs CVS
Clickthrough clickthrough Track which links are actually followed by a user. Clickthrough collects information about each pair of local (origin) and foreign (destination) addresses, including summary statistics of clickthroughs between each such pairs of addresses. The clickthrough log can be used to provide external sites with a measure of how much traffic originated from the local site, which can be useful for auditing or confirming revenue generating clickthroughs (e.g., referrals). Any link can be clickthrough-enabled by embedding special information in its destination address. This is achieved by wrapping the href attribute with a call to `clickthrough_href' (e.g., [clickthrough_href]). Ola Hansson bugs CVS
CMS cms A CMS implemented on top of the Content Repository. CMS is a full featured content management system implemented on top of the content repository which supports workflow, composite objects, dynamically created attributes, publishing to the filesystem and categorization. The user interface needs a great deal of work and the package relies on acs-workflow which has been deprecated. Alternatives include etp and bcms (which is a work in progress), CMS remains the best place to look to find examples of how the content repository should be used. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
CMS News Demo cms-news-demo A demo news site built using CMS. maintain this package bugs CVS
Contacts contacts Contacts is an application for managing all those people and or organization you need to keep track of. It has a complete UI for storing and categorizing contacts. Each contact can have an arbitrary number of custom attributes associated with it, including other contacts (i.e. a certain contact "belongs" to a certain organization). It also functions as a service contract provider for attributes related to users in your system Matthew Geddert bugs CVS
Cron Job cronjob Runs sql and tcl code on schedule similar to unix cron. Some issues exist with guaranteed execution and blocking. Tom Jackson bugs CVS
Curriculum curriculum Provides a UI for creating a sequence of links as a "curriculum" which can be presented as a linkbar in the page footer (or elsewhere) and is tracked per user. Ola Hansson bugs CVS
Curriculum Portlet curriculum-portlet Portlet for curriculum package. Ola Hansson bugs CVS
Directory directory This package lets you browse or search for users of an OpenACS site. It is subsite-aware, and allows you to view the members of the current subsite, or all users of the site. maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN dotlrn A course management system. maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Administration dotlrn-admin .LRN-wide admin pages. Initially created as a singleton with automount at /dotlrn/dotlrn-admin. These can be changed if and when .LRN supports multiple instances. Contains pages and scripts for configuring .LRN --- managing users, departments, terms, classes and so on. maintain this package bugs? CVS
dotLRN Bulletin Board Applet dotlrn-bboard   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Bulk Mail Applet dotlrn-bm   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Calendar Applet dotlrn-calendar   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Curriculum Applet dotlrn-curriculum   Ola Hansson bugs CVS
dotLRN Applet dotlrn-dotlrn Helper routines for dotLRN applets maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN FAQ Applet dotlrn-faq   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Forums Applet dotlrn-forums   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Homework Applet dotlrn-homework Provides a homework assignment dropboxes for dotLRN classes. Don Baccus bugs CVS
dotLRN File Storage Applet dotlrn-fs maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN News Applet dotlrn-news   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN News Aggregator Applet dotlrn-news-aggregator   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Photo Album Applet dotlrn-photo-album   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Portlet dotlrn-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Random Photo Applet dotlrn-random-photo   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Recruiting Applet dotlrn-recruiting   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Research Applet dotlrn-research   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Static Pages Applet dotlrn-static   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Survey Applet dotlrn-survey   Dave Bauer bugs CVS
dotLRN Syllabus Applet dotlrn-syllabus   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Weblogger dotlrn-weblogger   maintain this package bugs CVS
dotLRN Wimpy Point Applet dotlrn-wps   Rocael Hernandez bugs CVS
dotlrndoc dotlrndoc   maintain this package bugs CVS
Download download Manage downloadable resources, versioned and with download tracking. maintain this package bugs CVS
Edit This Page edit-this-page >An Easy to use publishing system with versioning and permissions. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
E-commerce ecommerce in a box. Allows you to sell items online. Alfred Werner and Torben Brosten bugs CVS
Email Handler email-handler Service to automatically dispatch and process incoming email messages. maintain this package bugs CVS
Evaluation evaluation >This package allows the professors and TAs to assign tasks to the students and to grade them, and to the students to upload their answers and see their grades. Jose Pablo Escobedo Del Cid bugs CVS
Events Management events Event registration and management such as a lecture series or a social gathering online. maintain this package bugs CVS
FAQ faq Handles frequently asked questions Q&A presentation. Can be one Q&A per page or all presented flat. Roberto Mello bugs CVS
FAQ Portlet faq-portlet   Roberto Mello bugs CVS
File Manager file-manager >Provides a simple interface to upload and modify documents directly in the filesystem. An alternative to ftp which uses the built in authentication of OpenACS. maintain this package bugs CVS
File Storage file-storage Collaborative document storage Provides a versioned document store with storage in the filesystem or database (depending on configuration). Documents and folders can be permissioned and folders downloaded. Jeroen VanDongen bugs CVS
Form-to-mail form-to-mail

The Form-To-Mail package is designed to work somewhat like - the user enters information into an HTML form on a page, and upon submitting the page the data is collected and emailed to an address of the administrator's choosing.

Form-to-Mail (FTM) is designed with reuse, and hopefully some security, in mind. Email addresses such as sender and recipient are configured by the administrator, stored in the database, and cannnot be overridden by form variables, which limits abuse of the form by third parties.

FTM is designed to be included on other pages in the site, and provides a facility for adding custom form elements to the form, using a .tcl file that can be as simple or complex as the developer requires. The package uses a single instance to generate the included HTML form, and to process the submitted form.

Cathy Sarisky bugs CVS
Forums forums This online discussion board software is the successor of the original bboard package. The biggest improvement is a scalable datamodel. Forums supports threaded and flat view, moderation, a stand alone search function as well as integration with the OpenACS search package and integration with the notifications package for email alerts. It also supports reply via email. maintain this package bugs CVS
Forums Portlet forums-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
File Storage Portlet fs-portlet   Don Baccus bugs CVS
Gatekeeper gatekeeper >Gatekeeper can act as a proxy for requests, passing a request on to another server via an http GET or POST and returning the resulting document via the existing connection Roberto Mello bugs CVS
General Comments general-comments General comments provides the widgets and UI to support commentability on any object. There is also an admin interface to edit/hide/delete comments. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Glossary glossary The glossary package supports glossaries for multiple contexts. A site, subsite, group, user, or even a document may have one or more glossaries associated with it. Terms may have illustrations (acs-content-repository). Each glossary can have its security set (acs-permissions), a workflow, and optionally except user comments. A glossary's content is stored in the content repository. Relies on the deprecated acs-workflow module, so that dependency needs to be removed if you want to use it. maintain this package bugs CVS
IRC Logger irc-logger The IRC logger uses the logger perl script to feed ETP for integration with OpenACS. The IRC logger places the log files of logger (a Perl script by Dave Beckett) into ETP for integration with OpenACS. Besides logger, this package also depends on tDOM (high performance XML data processing with easy and powerful Tcl scripting functionality). Bart Teeuwisse bugs CVS
Jabber jabber This package allows users to communicate through the different IM services with other users using the jabber server. Malte Sussdorff bugs CVS
Lars Blogger lars-blogger Weblog creation and management with notifications, RSS, trackpack, technorati, blogroll, pings, archives, draft and published entries, includable templates for presenting on other pages, and permissioning for multiple users. maintain this package bugs CVS
Library library This package is obsoleted. Red Hat Knowledge Library for ACS4.0 maintain this package   CVS
Logger logger Logger lets you keep track of measurements over time. The primary use case is time and expenses reporting, an area where we are being guided by the HR-XML Time Expense Reporting 2.0 standard. However, the intention is to allow for reporting of arbitrary types of numerical data such as financial results - account balance, revenue etc. You could even use this application to monitor your weight. The full specification is here: logger-spec

Logger can be optionally integrated with project-manager, for logging of time against projects and tasks.

Alex Kroman bugs CVS
Mailing Lists mailing-lists Mailing list management. Only supports broadcast or newsletter style of mailing lists. Timo Hentschel bugs CVS
Mail Clickthroughs mail-links The Mail Clickthrough package provides a service that allows a site to monitor how its users exit the site, by recording which email-links are followed to external sites. maintain this package bugs CVS
Monitoring monitoring A collection of tools for monitoring server and database health, including cassandracle (oracle monitoring), watchdog (error log monitoring). Derived from the ACS 3.4.x /admin/monitoring tools. maintain this package bugs CVS
MP3 Jukebox mp3jukebox This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
New Portal new-portal New Portal Package aka NPP. Portals are used to aggregate content from different sources within a single page. Props to Ian Baker for "Portal". maintain this package bugs CVS
News news News publication tool. Publication of plain text or html news items with support for scheduled publication and commentability. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
News Aggregator news-aggregator The news aggregator periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits, and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page. Guan Yang bugs CVS
News Aggregator Portlet news-aggregator-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
News Portlet news-portlet   Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Notes notes This is a sample application for OpenACS to show how applications should be built, unfortunately it has not kept pace with current best practices. maintain this package bugs CVS
Notifications notifications Provides an API for packages to provide subscription based email notifications and handle replies. Used by forums, bug-tracker, etc. The currently prefered package for email notifications. Mat Kovach bugs CVS
WebDAV Support oacs-dav An interface to the tDAV webDAV package. oacs-dav provides services to offer webDAV access to content repository data. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
OpenFTS Driver openfts-driver Provides an implementation for the search packages service contract for searching on postgresql Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Organizations organizations Provides the datamodel for an implementation of the HR-XML organizations spec, but no API for manipulating the data. Also note that the Oracle code is out of sync with the Postgres code. The source code has comments in it indicating what needs to be updated to make things work correctly. Alex Kroman bugs CVS
Page page A minimal package which exists primarily as a site-node placeholder for a path component (so that the context bar can be properly constructed maintain this package bugs CVS
Payflow Pro payflowpro This is a payment gateway for Verisign's PayFlowPro. Note that there are problems with the supplied libraries from Verisign and it is anticipated that this package will be deprecated or removed see TIP 33 maintain this package bugs CVS
Payment Gateway Service Contract payment-gateway This service contract defines an API for modules to interact with a credit card payment service providers. Bart Teeuwisee bugs CVS
Personal Community personal-community Code delivered to Sloan by OpenForce. As far as we know it is not finished, and certainly needs much updating. maintain this package bugs CVS
Photo Album photo-album A photo album application that provides photo display and grouping functionality using the ACS Content Repository.

Allows users to upload photos, store and edit attributes, and group photos into albums and folders. Supports permissioning, exif data, and user clipboards.

Requires installation of ImageMagick and jhead on host machine. See design doc for details.

Jarkko Laine bugs CVS
photo-album-lite photo-album-lite This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
Photo Album Portlet photo-album-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
Photobook photobook Enter, manage, and present user data appropriate for generation of a "facebook" or general user profile. Allows upload of a photo portrait as well as general education/work history.

PLEASE NOTE - although this module is in use at Sloan, it is far from finished. Sloan still plans to add many features, including the ability to dynamically manage fields and categories, and awareness of user types. In addition the package needs to be internationalized and ported to Postgres. There is also Sloan-specific code here, related to the Email For Life program, which needs to be parameterized or removed.

In short, this package is provided more for looking at than for using and will change significantly in future releases.

maintain this package bugs CVS
Populate populate This package provides a convenient web-based UI which allows one to populate the database with large numbers of users, groups, etc for scalability testing. Don Baccus bugs CVS
Portal portal Portals are used to aggregate content from different sources within a single page. Props to Ian Baker for "Portal". maintain this package bugs CVS
Postal Address postal-address This is an implementation of HR-XML's address standard. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Press press Supports templated display of press coverage with templates to support bibliographic style display and excerpts of print and web based external press converage. maintain this package bugs CVS
Postcard postcard Allows users to send postcards (images with text), and have them be picked up at a private link. Jade Rubick bugs CVS
Profile Provider profile-provider No description maintain this package bugs CVS
Project Manager project-manager A project management tool, tracks projects and tasks. Alex Kroman bugs CVS
Random Photo Portlet random-photo-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
Ratings ratings Support for rating objects, with trigger maintained summary data. maintain this package bugs CVS
Redirect redirect Redirects from the URL at which it is mounted on to another URL. Useful when you have moved content to a new place but don't want old links to break. The new URL can be entered with a parameter setting. Note that it does not pass through requests to another application, e.g. one that is running on apache. Use the gatekeeper package for this. maintain this package bugs CVS
Recruiting recruiting   maintain this package bugs CVS
Recruiting Portlet recruiting-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
Reference Data - Countries ref-countries Countries supplies the ISO 3166 Country data for acs-reference. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - Currency ref-currency This is the currency sub-module for acs-reference. It provides ISO 4217 compatibility. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - (ITU) Telecom Country Codes ref-itu List of ITU-T Recommendation E.164 assigned country codes. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - Languages ref-language This is the ISO 639-1 language reference data (with languages names in english). Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - Timezones ref-timezones This is the timezone data for the acs-reference data package. Used by acs-lang (among others) for localized times. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - US Counties ref-us-counties Provides FIPS codes, name,state, population, land area, latitude and longitute, etc. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - US States ref-us-states This is all the US States. Provides abbreviation, name, and FIPS state code. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Reference Data - US Zipcodes ref-us-zipcodes Provides zipcode, name, FIPS state and county codes, latitude and longitude. Does not provide ZIP+4 data. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Research Papers research-papers Code delivered to Sloan by OpenForce. As far as we know it is not finished, and certainly needs much updating. maintain this package bugs CVS
Research Paper Portlet research-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
Resource List resource-list Tracks resources. See Stop Abuse For Everyone for an example. Jade Rubick bugs CVS
Robot Detection robot-detection With this package, you can automatically redirect web robots from search engines away from areas that require login and into a separate area which provides content suitable for indexing. You should be aware that this is sometimes considered to be cloaking so excercise care here. maintain this package bugs CVS
Room reservations room-reservation Allows an organization to keep track of room reservations. Alex Kroman bugs CVS
RSS Support rss-support Basic support for RSS generation and parsing. RDF Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format. This package can be used to publish site content in a manner useful to other websites and webservices.

For each item (news event, ticket, bboard message, ...) that you want to publish, you create a property list that describes that item (url to item, title of item, description of item, etc.). You pass a list of those items (and some other parameters) to rss_gen, and it will generate your XML for you. You can also implenent a set of functions that satisfy the RSS service contracts and the RSS can be recreated from a scheduled procedure.

Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Sample Gateway sample-gateway A sample payment gateway, suitable for testing and as a skeletion for a full implementation. maintain this package bugs CVS
Schema Browser schema-browser >Lets you browse the tables and procedures in an OpenACS instance. maintain this package bugs CVS
Search search Site wide search implemented with service contracts, currently only supports postgres via the OpenFTS driver. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Shipping Service Contract shipping-gateway Service contract definitions for for shipping services like UPS or Fedex. First stab at a service contract to define an interface to shipping services like UPS, Fedex or home grown shipping rates like value-based shipping rates. Bart Teeuwisee bugs CVS
Simple Survey simple-survey >Simple survey is a survey builder. Surveys can contain questions with different types of answer several types: multiple choice (radio buttons), multiple answer (checkboxes) or free text entry. Multiple choice questions may also be scored on one or more variables. In general survey is a better choice than simple-survey. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Simulation simulation Workflow-based task simulator. Build scenario templates in which various roles must complete tasks such as sending messages and uploading documents. Then enroll groups of students into cases, cast the students into roles, and monitor progress. Developed as a legal education tool for maintain this package bugs CVS
Site Wide Search site-wide-search Provides search functionality for application data. Supports permissioning, subsites, and searching by keywords. This version fixed a few bottle necks in the installation process. There are scripts to support news, bboards , and file-storage. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Skin skin An example package to show how to theme via master templates. maintain this package bugs CVS
Sloan Bboard sloan-bboard This package provides customizable discussion forums for a community of users. Forums is preferable in most cases. maintain this package bugs CVS
SOAP Gateway soap-gateway SOAP Gateway marshalls SOAP/HTTP to user defined services Nick Carroll bugs CVS
Spam System spam Provides a UI for sending e-mail to groups of users, selected based on some criteria in the database. Applications may link to the spam system with their own set of criteria (SQL queries). Bulk-mail is now the prefered package for this functionality. maintain this package bugs CVS
Static Pages static-pages Static Pages loads the static content of a site from the filesystem into the database so that their contents are available to other packages, such as search and general-comments, and allows static content to be wrapped by the master template to provide persistent navigation. maintain this package bugs CVS
Static Pages Portlet static-portlet   maintain this package bugs CVS
Survey survey User defined surveys with reporting. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
Survey Portlet survey-portlet   Survey Portlet bugs CVS
Telecom Information telecom-number Datamodel and UI for the HR-XML telecom standard. This is a mapping of HR-XML's telecom standard. Originally part of contacts-lite, now stand-alone to allow for use in other packages. Jon Griffin bugs CVS
Ticket Tracker ticket-tracker This package is obsoleted. Use bug-tracker or project-manager instead. maintain this package bugs CVS
Ticket Tracker Lite ticket-tracker-lite This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
Trackback trackback Implements the trackback ping specification, for use with lars-blogger. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
User Preferences user-preferences Support for user-preference storage maintain this package bugs CVS
User Profile user-profile   maintain this package bugs CVS
Users Selection users-selection Create and manage selections of users that match certain criteria. maintain this package bugs CVS
Value-based Shipping value-based-shipping This package calculates the total shipping charges for all available service levels based on the total value of the shipment. An implementation of the shipping-gateway service contract. Bart Teeuwisee bugs CVS
Version Control version-control Provides an API for talking to the version control system for the site. It is hard-coded for the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). There are procs to fetch various types of status information and procs to execute certain version control operations on the underlying files. maintain this package bugs CVS
Vocabulary vocabulary Multilingual lists of vocabulary words plus training tools. Import/export capability maintain this package bugs CVS
WAP wap This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
Weblogger Portlet weblogger-portlet Simon Carstensen bugs CVS
Webmail webmail Provides a web-based email service for OpenACS 4.x+, uses the database for message storage. Broken and Oracle only.Description maintain this package bugs CVS
Wiki wiki Wiki implementation on the CR maintain this package bugs CVS
Workflow workflow This package lets you define the process that your tickets, articles, documents, reports, claims, change requests, or any other object of interest, must go through to ensure consistent quality and to avoid that any cases falls through the cracks. It supports the Bug Tracker, CMS publication, simple approval, and much more.

For more information, see: the workflow specification

bugs CVS
wf-ticket-tracker wf-ticket-tracker This package is obsoleted maintain this package bugs CVS
Wimpy Point Slim Portlet wps-portlet   Rocael Hernandez bugs CVS
Wimpy Point Slim wp-slim Wimpy Point allows users to create online slide presentations and supports collaborative editing, customizable style sheets, printable output, and commentability. Rocael Hernandez bugs CVS
XCMS User Interface xcms-ui XCMS User Interface is a content management system built on the OpenACS Content Repository and BCMS CR Tcl API. It is a work in progress. Functionality includes upload or text entry on content or files, categorization, and template editing and assignment. Unclear whether it will be updated to the new API, or will be deprecated. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
XML-RPC xml-rpc This package implements a simple XML-RPC server. It receives XML-RPC calls, decodes the XML and then calls the requested method on the OpenACS server. Code is based on ns_xmlrpc, but now uses tDOM. Dave Bauer bugs CVS
xotcl-core xotcl-core This component contains some core functionality for OACS applications using XOTcl. It includes XOTcl thread handling for OACS (supporting persistent and volatile threads) and a definitions for documenting XOTcl object, classes and methods integrated with the api-browser of OACS. Documented procs and instproc an be created using the methods ad_proc and ad_instproc. This component provides as well an XOTcl Object and Class browser, as well as means to control the recreation of objects and classes when components are reloaded. 0.23 contains a major overhaul of the Generic classes. Object preliminary object layer for content repository, oo templating. 0.36 brings caching support for cr-items. 0.38: important change: uses instead of cr_revision.title to label content items. This effects as well the api (lookup uses -name instead of -title). 0.40: updating package_id in acs_o bjects, requires now openacs 5.2.*; 0.41: supporting storage_type file, on_submit method and html for forms. Gustaf Neumann bugs CVS
xoWiki xowiki XoWiki is a wiki implementation for OpenACS in xotcl. Instead of trying to implement the full set of wiki markup commands of systems like MediaWiki, XoWiki is based on a rich text editor and focuses more on integration with oacs (e.g categories, general comments, adp-includes). XoWiki combines aspects of wikis (ease of page-creation) with aspects of a content management system (revisions, re-usable items, multiple languages). Furthermore, XoWiki allows to define different types of links such one could define book-structures (where a navigation structure could be built on the fly) or glossaries with differnt kind of word relationships (like synonyms, etc.). XoWiki supports pages in multiple languages and is localized (currently only for English and German). Currently, richtext and plaintext type entries are supported. Included support for adp-substitution in wiki pages and a file-selector. 0.13 supports page templates and uses the new generic form interface. Use of the oo layer for the content repository, reduced number of database interactions.0.18 supports text/enhanced, nice page names, import/export. Support for search (::xowiki::Page and ::xowiki::PlainPage); 0.20 support ::xowiki::Object, directory object, rss generation into syndication table, improved admin pages; 0.21: ajax-ased chat added, new attributes creator and page_title for all xowiki::Pages; 0.22 improved permission checking. 0.24 provides link-types, more includeletes (most-recently viewed, most frequently accessed pages). 0.26 provides Weblog support. 0.27: alignment with xotcl-core 0.38 (use instead of cr_revisions.title), change page_title to title (potential incompatibility) to rely more strictly to the CR data model (most files are effected). 0.28: tag and improved weblog support Gustaf Neumann bugs CVS

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