Status of these documents: superceded -- Because we're now actively developing this package in cvs HEAD, the canonical repository for all documentation is now there. You can read it via your own HEAD checkout, or else you can read the documentation directly from the GitHub repository.

We'll leave the existing documentation here for the time being -- partly for historical purposes, but probably mostly just because we just haven't got around to purging all this yet.


The Assessment Package unites the work and needs of various members of the OpenACS community for data collection functionality within the OpenACS framework. We're using the term "Assessment" instead of "Survey" or "Questionnaire" (or "Case Report Form" aka CRF, the term used in clinical trials) because it is a term used by IMS and because it connotes the more generic nature of the data collection system we're focusing on.

There has been considerable recent interest in expanding the capabilities of generic data collection packages within OpenACS. Identified applications include:

Work Done So Far

Several OpenACS efforts form the context for any future work. These include:

Related reading

Available Tools

  1. (,pw:oacs)
  2. Itemdevil (user:nima, pw:mazloumi)
  3. (Login: User:mazloumi, pw:nima)

Linked here are consensus discussions of requirements, architecture and design of the Assessment package. The last two sections are the original documentation from the two main groups whose efforts have led to the current Assessment concept. We include these for archival purposes.