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ACS Templating

Package Specification Summary for Package: acs-templating

Summary: Templating library.
Description: The templating system provides the tag library and support routines that allow developers and graphic designers to work independently. Templates specify the layout of the page separately from the contents of the page. Graphic designers work primarily on the layout part of the template (the template), while programmers work primarily a script that generates the content part of the template (the code). In addition, the template system provides a way to use a single layout specification for many physical pages, so the overall layout of a site can be more easily administered.
Documentation: Package Documentation
Maturity: Mature and Standard
This package depends on: acs-kernel acs-tcl
Packages that depend on acs-templating: acs-admin acs-authentication acs-datetime acs-developer-support acs-object-management acs-subsite assessment boomerang bootstrap-icons bug-tracker calendar chat cms cookie-consent download ec-serial-numbers edit-this-page fa-icons file-storage imsld invoices new-portal notes openacs-bootstrap3-theme openacs-bootstrap5-theme package-builder photo-album project-manager richtext-ckeditor4 richtext-ckeditor5 richtext-xinha search skin tsoap workflow xotcl-core xotcl-request-monitor xowf xowiki
Package parameters:
The default form template to use if a particular form does not explicitly specify the form style to use. <br> Relative to [acs_root_dir]/packages/acs-templating/resources/forms. If it starts with '/' then it is relative to [acs_root_dir] (default standard, type string, scope instance)
The default list filter template to use if a particular listfilter tag does not explicitly specify the list filter style to use. <br> Relative to [acs_root_dir]/packages/acs-templating/resources/lists. If it starts with '/' then it is relative to [acs_root_dir] (default filters, type string, scope instance)
The default list template to use if a particular list does not explicitly specify the list style to use. <br> Relative to [acs_root_dir]/packages/acs-templating/resources/lists. If it starts with '/' then it is relative to [acs_root_dir] (default table, type string, scope instance)
The default timeout value for the handler registered when CSS class prevent-double-click is specified on A or INPUT/BUTTON element. The button is reactivated after this interval. When set to 0, the client-side double-click prevention is deactivated. (default 2000, type number, scope instance)
When to re-translate templates. Values: never, as needed, always. (default as needed, type string, scope instance)
Use the specified javascript text editor when UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP is activated. Valid arguments are "xinha", "ckeditor4", and "tinymce". (default ckeditor4, type string, scope instance)
Show thecompiled template (for debugging) at .cmp URL (default 0, type number, scope instance)
Offer data dictionaries on .dat/.fmt URL. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
Do you care about dialects or not? If this is set to '1' all available dictionary dialects for all available languages will appear as choices in the pull-down menu. If the param is set to '0', only the base-language(s) will be shown. However, it only works with aspell - on ispell you'll simply get a 'yes' and 'no' option, no matter how this param is set, where 'yes' will use ispell's default dictionary. NOTE! You'll need to restart the server for this param to take effect. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
The widgets that you specify here will be spellcheck enabled in all forms (that use ad_form / form builder). Adding a 'nospell' flag to a form element overrides this parameter and disables spellchecking of that element. The format of this parameter is such: 'widget 1 widget 0 ...', where 'widget' stands for one of the form widgets that are possible to spellcheck enable: text, textarea, richtext. '1' after 'widget' indicates that the default should be to spellcheck; '0' means the user has to manually state that spellchecking should be performed on the form element. In order to enable spellchecking via this parameter, either the aspell or ispell binary (or both, in which case aspell takes precedence) must be installed on the server. The path to the binary is auto-detected on server startup. If the parameter is left blank, spellchecking will be disabled altogether. (default textarea 0 richtext 0, type string, scope instance)
If set to 1 (i.e. true) the dictionaries returned by aspell will be displayed in the spell check drop down. (default 0, type string, scope instance)
Size of the Template Cache (used by the "cache" proc in templating) (default 200000, type number, scope instance)
Cache for Template Queries (default 20000, type number, scope instance)
Legacy placeholder. Configure this parameter in the richtext-tinymce package, not here. (default , type text, scope instance)
Should the richtext widget use the htmlArea widget for richtext editing. 1 = yes, 0 = no. We will also check the browser's User-Agent header to find out if htmlArea works with the given browser. (default 0, type number, scope instance)
Legacy placeholder. Configure this parameter in the richtext-xinha package, not here. (default , type string, scope instance)

Bug Tracker Summary for Package: acs-templating

Open Bugs: 32
All Tracked Issues: 139
Latest Bug Opened: 2021-10-12 new view templates not resolving in a theme package
Latest Bug Fixed: 2020-01-02 text(inform) is quoted in latest version.
Top Bug Submitters: Jade Rubick (10) Brad Duell (6) Michael Aram (5) Ola Hansson (4) Carsten Clasohm (4)
Top Bug Fixers: Lars Pind (39) Gustaf Neumann (23) Jeff Davis (12) Ola Hansson (6) Jade Rubick (5) Dave Bauer (5) Joel Aufrecht (3)

Code Metrics Summary for Package: acs-templating

# Tcl Procs 496
# Tcl Lines 20533
# Tcl Blank Lines 3791
# Tcl Comment Lines 2056
# Automated Tests 42
# Stored Procedures PG: 5 ORA: 6
# SQL Lines PG: 565 (blank 94 comments 29) ORA: 510 (blank 74 comments 16)
# ADP pages 12
# ADP lines 1592
# Include pages (acs-templating/lib/) 2
# Documentation pages 237 (Package Documentation)
# Documentation lines 14938
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