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Mockup is viewable

Website redesign goals:

1. Convert the current website to an Xowiki implementation.

2. Upgrade the main template to zen.

3. Mount an instance of Calendar, Forums, BugTracker and ProjectManager on the site.


To Do:


1. Replicate OpenACS layout


      a. Apply the CSS code in the while website.

      b. at /acs-subsite/www/group-master the CSS include parameter has strange


2. Look at favorites to include the sites at the search contact phase

      What about the content that are already in xowiki pck? 

3. Missing packages to be installed and sections to be developed.

      a. Bugtracker - I believe it's a package. I remember it available at repository. (done)

      b. How the sections are developed?  Are they pkgs, xowiki pages or subsites?

      Documentation - ???

      Community - Xowiki page

      and Download - File-storage UI  

4. Troubles when include pkgs in xowiki. Edit news-portlet package to be included at xowiki page. (Ask dave to cvs the widgets tempates) 

5. Send Email to about News and Forum to be included on the main page. 

6. What do we need to ask to the experienced people?

the answer is we ask for experienced suggestions 

7. wait Robert setup the zone and make the mockup. 

8. I'm afraid having the main page as plain text would compromise the information/content. Info need to be visible. 

9. News - Add Xinha text editor  

10. Discuss what way is the best to take

Iuri: on xowiki?

as a xowiki page?

linuxhooligan: well that was the original idea but i don't think it should be in xowiki

xowiki is for documentation

text types of documents

Iuri: i don;t get the whole pciture of that

linuxhooligan: if we start putting everything in xowiki then we can just get rid of the tabs

i know i know its confusing

Iuri: yes

one thing

linuxhooligan: lets talk about it and see if we can figure it out

i'm open to suggestions 

11. When rob give the instance.

      He will convert community and documentation to xowiki at openacs website. 


      Make a presentation of OpenACS website possible implementation.

      Post forums, ask for inputs

      Mount Calendar 


      Mount Project Manager and fix it up

      Help Malte on PM 

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