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.LRN 2.5 Release Management


  • Next stable release: 2.5.0
  • Las stable release: 2.4.1
  • Tentavive deadlines:
    • may 31, 2009: code freeze and branch
    • june 1, 2009: alpha release process starts
    • june 15, 2009: beta release
    • july 15, 2009: final release

.LRN 2.5 will contain the packages included in the following cvs modules:

  • acs-core
  • dotlrn-all
  • dotlrn-extras

See Aliases at CVS for a detailed list of the packages included in those modules.

Releases are coordinated by the .LRN Leadership Team.

Weekly technical meetings in IRC at openacs channel:

  • Summer: Wednesdays, following the OCT one at 16:00 GMT
  • Winter: Wednesdays, following the OCT one at 17:00 GMT.

To-do List

  • Databases support:
    • Postgresql 8.2 and 8.3
    • Oracle 10 and 11
  • Replace "html_p" by "mime/type" and richtext widget for input (news, bulk-mail, others?)
  • calendar: localize notifications
  • forums:
    • DONE: localize notifications
    • removed the SC implementation of search to avoid confusion (search now implemented with callbacks)
  • assessment:
    • review daveb changes
    • added "views" support (explicit dependency)

Wish List

NOTE: xowiki was NOT part of .LRN 2.4 or earlier. Since noone from the accessibility group has checked, whether xowiki is compliant with WCAG 1.0 double-A, the DotLRN consortium board meeting decided in Valencia to include xowiki and maybe some other packages in a dotlrn-extras distribution in 2.5. This extra-distribution should not have the strong accessibility requirement as dotlrn-all, where every package must be manually checked in detail by some "accessibility expert".

Note by Don Baccus:  Honchos, not an ad hoc group of .LRN consortium members, decides what goes into .LRN.  Honchos proposed, and the board agreed, that a MINIMUM requirement for inclusion is accessibility compliance.  If xowiki hasn't been checked, by default it DOES NOT go in, not vice-versa.

New features

  • Removal of .LRN applets:  see the Removal of Applet thread
  • Wiki (xowiki with special policy set designed for .LRN, i.e. avoid professors writing their own tcl scripts or access the DB (DONE), probably a simplified UI?) Galileo will work on this and a few additions to have a wiki for .LRN, in late may / early june 2008.
  • Content package: tools for creating content online for .LRN
  • xo-S5: online presentation tool (and get rid of wimpy-point)
  • Replacement of static portlets by xowiki portlet pages (need to figure out if we use the same xowiki instance for "portlet pages" and for the wiki)
  • Blogger replacement with xowiki blogger? (have to review funtionality list, upgrade from actual blogger, others)

Having the idea of a macro-tool (xowiki) that can be easily customized for specific use with prototypes and others will help us to the reduce the code to maintain.

To do

  • xowiki (What's missing?)
  • content: produce an standard release that work atop .LRN (oracle & PG).
  • s5
  • xo static portlet (supported via xowiki-portlet and dotrln-xowiki; what else?)
  • blogger

Packages that could be xoified?

There are packages that could be replaced with xowiki/xotcl.
xowiki might need a finer granularity (object level) for permissions (parties), categories, comments.

  • news (if we manage to tell xowiki to use dates to display and archive a news item
  • edit-this-page
  • bulkmail (like news but with email being sent out and ui for selecting role/users)

I would even to that far to say that we can replace forums (using page_order) and calendar (similar to news/bulkmail but special UI).


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