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SCORM support


Current SCORM support is provided by the LORS package: .LRN to incorporate IMS Metadata (IMS-MD 1.2.1) and IMS Content Packaging (IMS-CP 1.1.4) specifications as well as ADL SCORM extensions (SCORM 1.2). See Educational_Standards.

Standards Support.


  • It was initially developed by Ernie Ghiglione
  • E-LANE project
  • Adam Ullman added the SCORM applet for the run time interface from Concurrent Technologies
  • SITT (Michelle y Giancarlo) added delivery-scorm to collect the scores in the database
  • Dave Bauer


LORS Central: version handling, live version management, single item add/edit, others. Uses Content Repository directly, instead of file-storage


  • Incompatibilities between the java server and client environments
  • LORSM: Emma and Don are doing bug-fixing
  • LORS central: Galileo is doing bug-fixing. It clones LORSM, so improvemnts in LORSM have to be integrated 

Community members interests:

  • Matthew Coupe: Requires SCORM support to run SCORM courses. LORS central will be a nice to have feature as will integration with assessments, forums and chat.
  • aDeNu Group (UNED) requires SCORM support to run accessible SCORM based courses for ALPE project
  • Innova Group (UNED) is migrating LORS to Oracle to provide SCORM support in aLF (UNED customization of dotLRN)
  • Galileo wants to deploy LORS Central
  • Don Baccus needs basic course sequencing for a current client project


See SCORM Roadmap presented at the Workshop on Educational Standards and Methodologies support in dotLRN at OpenACS and .LRN Spring Conference, Vienna 2007.

Short term:

  • Fix bugs both in LORSM and LORS Central
  • Assure that SCORM sessions are recorded
  • Dynamic integration of Forums and File storage (as Assessment is done)

Medium term:

  • Combine LORSM and LORS Central to include version handling, live version management, single item add/edit, content repository instead of file-storage, but keeping their different scopes: LORS central handles very well centralized management, although it could do in a per course basis as LORSM does, which is for course level management
  • Maintain both probably is not a good approach, LORS Central provides what LORSM does, but Central has features such as: 1) item online add/edit, 2) single place to deploy one course and its versioning among different class instances, 3) native content-repository support (not using file-storage). Note that 1) & 2) are needs for real world deployment of courses.
  • Improve implementation: recompile Java applet vs. rewrite in JavaScript
  • Integrate LORS inside platform space (instead of in full page display)
  • Integrate portlets (forums, assessment, file storage) instead of the whole page
  • Improve accessibility
  • Implement SCORM 2004 v3


  • SCORM 1.2: ATutor, ANGEL, Kewl, OLAT, Docebo, WebCT
  • SCORM 1.3: Blackboard, Claroline, Desire2Learn, TeleTop, Moodle

See eduTools for a comparative comparison.

An appropriate SCORM support is a MUST for dotLRN to be competitive.


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