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Richtext CKEditor 4

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Summary: Richtext editor plugin for integrating CKeditor 4 with acs-templating
Maturity: Mature
This package depends on: acs-templating acs-tcl attachments
Packages that depend on richtext-ckeditor4: xowiki
Package parameters:
Fully featured "Spell Check As You Type" based on Please note that the spellchecked words are transferred to that site, so you might be cautious to activate this feature for confidential content. (default false, type string, scope instance)

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In general, the CKEditor can be used via CDN (zero configuration, default) or via local files. One can use /acs-admin/ (section "Site-wide Service Administration" to download a version to your local site to reduce latency or to use local modifications. By default, the "standard" preset is downloaded. By altering the variable "ck_package" in packages/richtext-ckeditor4/tcl/richtext-procs, one can download other presets as well (see

The CKEditor widget can be used at least in two scenarios: (a) as a richtext-widget or (b) within xowiki as a class of a form-field.

  • (a) Here is an example for the use of the richtext widget configured for ckeditor4, showing some options:
        {label "CKEditor"}
        {html {rows 15 cols 50}}
        {options {
            editor ckeditor4
            plugins wsc
            extraAllowedContent "u;span{color}"}

    This minimal example should work with the "standard" distribution of CKEditor and adds the "wsc" (Web Spell Checker) plugin, and allows the tag <u>u and <span style="color:...">...</span> to be used in the content. Otherwise, these flags are removed by the context filter of the editor (for details, see CKEditor documentation). Additional "options" are "skin" and "customConfig", where the latter refers to a JavaScript file which can be used for detailed configuration (for more details, see!/guide/dev_configuration).

    Note, that the usual constraints for richtext widgets holds like for all other richtext implementations (e.g. the editor will only be activated, if UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP is set to true).

  • (b) when used as a form-field within xowiki forms, there are detailed config options available: mode, displayMode, skin, toolbar, CSSclass, uiColor, allowedContent, customConfig, extraPlugins, extraAllowedContent, templatesFiles, templates, contentsCss, imageSelectorDialog, and additionalConfigOptions. A short introduction to form-fields is in One should set the PreferredRichtextEditor (xowiki global parameter) to ckeditor4.
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