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Content development tools options

Content development tools options

 This is a discussion of content creation tools for Learning Objects, related to the LORS package.


  • (First stage implemented by Galileo, check Content Package)--> XOWiki, as it is a very well maintained tool, and have many of the desired features such as: easy content tool (plus the advantage that a wiki tools is becoming more and more common), directories, versioning, flexible built-in features to handle content more easily (including positioning and segmentation), basic template management, variables, multi-language support.
  • LORSM contains support for sequencing arbitraty Xowiki pages. TODO includes allowing export of XOwiki content as plain HTML from LORSM. I think this approach is working very well and is less error prone than the technique used in LORS-Central. Another key feature are the simplified file/image upload widgets which make it easier to add media to an Xowiki page. ALso see the Xowiki::File approach which only works in XOwiki. Either of these might be good to allow linking media into course content (assuming the media is part of a "page") DAVEB
  • Another interesting approach would be to provide import/export facilities from xowiki into IMS CP format.
  • LORS Central built-in editor (for web pages)
  • Word 1-click integration to lors-central
  • Never try to be a dreamweaver online, that is too sophisticated for our end users, although c/p from dreamweaver or upload from it should be allowed.
  • an interesting tool for content creation is eLearning XHTML editor
  • Others?


  • Full review of the tools available, possible approaches, etc.
  • Build a prototype that gets near to what the short term objectives are.
  • Basic review of the lors-central and xowiki: both support well edition, seems that xowiki will do better with template management.


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Short term

  • The Content Package (that runs atop of xowiki) already provides this (18/oct/2007 by Galileo):
    • Provide a simple interface to create web pages, and easily include and manipulate web assets such as flash, videos, images, etc.Provide a set on web templates, easy to manage, like PPT templates.
    • Provide collaborative content creation tools while being able to set up roles easily.
    • Folder, subfolders, pages ordering.
    • Free of "standards" approaches, so professors with basic word knowledge can use it.
    • If use of already existing content creation tools is considered, try to keep it as customization rather than a fork (specially for xowiki case)
  • See above LORSM already works with the standard Xowiki package (no idea if its already commited, where and if its ready for grab and production use?? [roc])

Mid term

  • Export to SCORM / IMS-CP automatically, almost with zero knowledge of the standards themselves.
  • Import/Publish to LORS one click feature.

Long term

  • Workflow definition.
  • Third parties API / resources integration (Flickr, Google, Amazon, YouTube, others)


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