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Package Specification Summary for Package: invoices

Summary: Invoices package that will collect costs to invoice items in invoices and store data about received payment.
Description: Collect costs to invoice items and invoices, store payment information.
Maturity: New Submission or Maturity Unknown
This package depends on: acs-content-repository acs-kernel acs-templating categories general-comments logger organizations ref-currency contacts
Packages that depend on invoices: invoices-portlet
Package parameters:
Offer item category to be used for credit offer items (default , type string, scope instance)
Default currency code (default EUR, type string, scope instance)
ID of the default price list (default , type string, scope instance)
Location of the invoice opening letter template which is parsed to generate the invoice. (default /templates/pdf/opening/, type string, scope instance)
Location of the invoice template which is parsed to generate the invoice. (default /templates/pdf/invoice/, type string, scope instance)
Folder_id of the file-storage folder to put the journal files in. (default , type string, scope instance)
Location of the file for prefilling the mail send box. (default , type string, scope instance)
Location of the page to be displayed if an external user accepts an offer. Leave empty for default. (default , type string, scope instance)
Location of the offer template which is parsed to generate the offer. (default /templates/pdf/offer/, type string, scope instance)
Portlet: DefaultPortletLayout
The src for the layout of the portlets. (default /packages/invoices/lib/portlet, type string, scope instance)

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 Package Information

The invoices package aims to provide a central place for the creation of invoices. Currently this is tightly integrated with Project Manager, so you are able to provide a cost sheet for a project (a cost sheet is the basic "table" which makes up your invoice in the end) and once the project is closed, see the cost sheet come up in the list of billable projects and therefore can create an invoice for it.

Some of the highlights:

  • Support for OpenOffice generated invoice PDFs
  • Mass generation of invoices (you create all invoices at once and recieve a joined PDF for printout).
  • Mass sending of invoices (same as above, though the invoices are send via E-Mail)
  • Credit notes, invoice cancellations and invoice copies are handled in an approved accounting method
  • Support for offers and order confirmation
  • Reports on revenue generation and realization rates (per account manager / customer / region)
  • Collect payment information (albeit manually).

Where should the package be heading in the near future:

  • Setup in our cognovís environment for automatic invoice generation
  • Integration with logger to automatically fill the cost sheet
  • Hopefully integration into the accounts* packages
  • Integration with other packages like room reservation
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